Stop the bullying before it starts!

* We cannot ignore the growing crime statistics, reported daily in the newspapers, that acts of violence are on the increase. Knowledge of personal protection / self defence is vital for all the family in today's environment..

The deceptive simplicity of Falcons Martial Arts has been designed to give you and your children a sense of achievement and success, to make you feel more confident and assured.

* Building confidence is the first and most important stage in helping people to be ready to learn.

* Our special Little Falcons programme is specifically designed to help teach children the important qualities of respect, self-control and confidence. Plus they will learn great character and self-defence

* It's a well known fact that children who practice the martial arts often show improved social and academic skills outside the training hall.

Falcons Martial Arts also offers parents the opportunity to take part and gain all the benefits of the Martial Arts. Because parents find it difficult to get to adult classes, we are now offering you the chance to take part along with your children in the family classes. You may still bring your children on their own, but if you fancy joining in the fun then the family classes are for you. Parents often have stronger relationships with their children if they share a common interest, Martial Arts offers a great opportunity for this.

What the Schools offer children & families

Kickboxing, Self Defence & TaeKwon-Do: Classes offer simple Kickboxing & TaeKwon-Do skills to help promote strength, fitness, coordination and balance. Playground self defence skills are taught to help children learn how to recognise and deal with bullying. Simple self defence manoeuvres are also taught so In the worse case scenario these techniques could be used so you or your child can get to safety. With regular training and understanding the skills  learnt from martial arts training often transfer into other areas, given concentration and confidence to want to achieve it what ever you set your minds to. This too is a very important part of what you will learn at Falcons Martial Arts.

Sport: For those who want to take it to the next level and compete, Falcons MA runs squad training classes for this and takes teams away to competitions in all areas of the Martial Arts. We also have a fully sponsored Team that fighters can work towards.

Classes: All classes are flexible, informal and relaxed allowing all to develop at their own pace. Everyone is different and will develop in different ways, we consider the Martial Arts to be a life study, so you have plenty of time to master what you are learning.